Monday, November 1, 2010

I would appreciate if you answer this question?

Last week my friend called me to my mobile,
Friend: How r u?
I said, ‘I am fine, thanks. How r u?’.
Friend: I am doing great. How is life?
I said ‘That’s going fine and nothing much special’.
Friend: Ok, so how many people did u really appreciate today?
What? I didn’t get u? I said. (It sounded strange to me)
He repeated the question. How many people did u really appreciate today?

I didn’t expect this question from him and I don’t know why he asked it. I tried to answer the question, but my answer was none. I asked him why did you ask this?
My friend said, Just try doing it.
Then I started thinking about it and got some thing to share with you.

We all write blogs and everyone have our own reasons to do it. Some may say - that’s their hobby, some may say - that’s how they share ideas, some may say - that’s the place to scribble whatever they like, some may do it to be familiar, some may use this as a business medium. Whatever might be the reason, just think that if no one commented on our blog / if no one follows you / you come to know that no one reads it. Would you really feel happy?  Well, you may or may not. But think the other way, if people comment on your blog / follow your blog / you come to know that someone reads it regularly, then you will surely feel happy. I bet you.

So I thought that a small response to a person will surely motivates him, encourages him, makes him/her feel good, makes him feel someone is close to him, which is equivalent to appreciation. Now-a-days a person has more virtual friends than actual friends who he daily meets and talks to. But the same thing is to everyone whom we meet everyday in office, in family, with wife/husband and with friends. Listening and responding to them. That is how a person feels recognized and appreciated. So I am and hope so we are.

When I give more I get more, and I feel that there is always something to give. (U don't believe me, u need an example - 'Smile' )
Then these words struck to my mind,

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world today than for bread.
-Mother Teresa.

So How many people did u really appreciate today?

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