Thursday, March 25, 2010

Without You, I am Lost...

The day I got you
in my life..
You gave me an identity
to this world...

With you,
I dont know what loneliness means..
With you,
Nothing is farther and everything is nearer...

You know what?
Though i am far
from my mom, she said me that
you made her feel close to me

Without you
I feel: I lost the world..
Without you
The world feels: I am lost..

Any Guesses about whom did i describe here? You may be right..
But i have an answer here for What did i describe here? and not Whom.

Its cellphone/Mobile phone. Hope you can relate it now. When I gave my mobile phone to repair for a week then I realized the importance of it. I remember i had studied about Fundamental needs of human beings in second standard, which says Food, Dress and Shelter. Now the list is big, it also includes Cellphone, Debit/Credit cards, ATM, TV and Internet. Hope we all have experienced a world without these things in our past but now can u imagine a week without these things? These are become fundamental things in our life.
With this thought, I have many questions....
1. A good country should facilitate all the fundamental needs for its citizens. Will our nation be able to facilitate, considering all these things as fundamental needs?
2. Now the new generation uses all the above mentioned things from their birth. How will they feel if these things are not there for a day?
3. How long can a man survive without depending on these above mentioned things?
And many such questions....
Hope you might have come across the same experience.. How did u feel?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The First Kiss...

Anything we do/get for the first time, will bring us excitement and fun into our life, sometimes to others too. First birthday, first day to school, first friend, first love, first girl friend, first date and many such things. Here i want to share such beautiful experience.

Its the first kiss. She was very cute and beautiful. Anyone who come across her could not stop admiring her.        
            She felt shy and her face turned red.
           Her smile was so welcoming.

Yes these were the first few kisses given by my camera to her.

I am interested in photography, so i bought a new camera two weeks back. Since it was the first time for me to hold my camera and to click these pics, i felt very happy and excited. It was a beautiful experience and just felt like sharing this...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Women's Day...

It was a weekend, all our friends planned to go to Juhu beach in the evening. We were six (three boys and three girls) and we were ready to pick a rick. So i stopped a Rick and asked 'Baiya Juhu?', he said no. He crossed us and he went near the girls, they asked him 'Juhu?', he said OK and they went.

Another day in the canteen, I ordered a masala dosa and was waiting for that. Another colleague of mine came and she ordered the same. The dosa was ready and he called her saying 'Madam Dosa ready' and gave it to her. He saw me and said, 'sorry sir, just two minutes'.

There are many such examples... By this time, Many of you might have brought such similar experience to your mind which you had come across? Do you think it is fair?
Waiting for another two minutes doesn't bother me much..
And feeling angry on them also sounds silly..
But in all such situations, how do women feel?
Are they really feeling thankful to men?
Are they feeling that they are powerful than men?
Are they take this as an advantage?
Are they really feel pity on men? OR Are they really say 'Thanks' to them?
Who knows? It depends on people who are there.

But I just asked myself that 'Will that happen the other way, 'Saying no to a woman'?.
Is this happening because, we give priority to women? or we respect women? or its the feel to attract the opposite sex? or we really taking care of women?. Who knows? It again depends on people who are involved. Frankly speaking, I could have also done the same out of respect/care/to attract.

Whatever it is, I am not blaming against any gender. On 8th March we have celebrated Women's Day, Its good to hear and all were happy about it.
I wish, soon we all should celebrate these days in a positive way and promote gender equality but not discussing harassment's against genders.

Happy Women's day...(Too late to wish but felt like scribbling)

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