Saturday, October 24, 2009

Copy Cat..... no no.. Copy King....

It was half yearly Exam and I was doing my 8th standard. In a bench there were three, one from standard 6, 8 and 10. One of my classmates who was next to me, was always telling me that he had bits (or chits) to copy and he had answered most of the questions with that ( It was such a Heroic thing in my school where most of them had bits and was showing themselves as hero’s that time). He used to do that daily and was showing himself as an expert in copying. Even I said him that I am also an expert in doing that (I didn’t know why I said that, may be because of my ego).

So next day after my exams I just shown him some bits to say “I copied today“ (but actually I didn’t). He didn’t believe me and said “give me proof” (As if I said a new theorem). I said OK, I will do that tomorrow. Next day It was English Exam, I knew all the poems but to give him a proof I took a small bit paper where all the poems were written (I didn’t prepare that, it is a copy given with Ganga guide).

We started our exam and when I started writing the poem, I want someone to see that I am copying so that he will be my witness. A 6th standard student was sitting beside me, I called him and I shown him the bit I had (Hope you didn’t see a fool like me ever in your life). Suddenly he (a very innocent student) stood and called the supervisor and said “Sir, He is having a bit paper” pointing his fingers on me. I didn’t know what to do, I put the bit into my sweater and stood up saying “I don’t have any”.

The supervisor checked my pockets and he couldn’t find any. The same boy said the supervisor again that I have hidden it in my sweater. I was terribly angry on him. My supervisor took that bit and asked my name. All were looking at me, I felt ashamed and scared (Not because he caught me but I am son of a teacher who is working in the same school which the supervisor doesn’t know). He took my paper and found I was in the middle of my poem, so he gave me a new sheet and asked me to write the poem again. Uff… my goodness I got small punishment (because I knew the poem) I thought and sat down to start writing...

I was staring at that boy thinking that I will kick his … after that exam outside the class. My supervisor read my thought and he came to us. He said that boy, “Please tell me, if this guy hurts you after this exam” pointing his hands to me. I kept quiet and was thinking that, it would be better if he doesn’t ask about my father.

The last five minutes of the exam. The supervisor came to me and asked “Where are you coming from?”, “Shanthoor” I said. He asked, “Do you know five of our teachers are from your place?”. I was standing quiet (He doesn’t know that all the five were my relatives). Then he asked ” Who is your father?”, I said “He is a Teacher”. He stared at me and asked “Where is he working?”, I said “Here in our school”. He was totally shocked and he asked me “What’s his name?”, I said “Mr. Jacob Peter” (One of the Strict Teachers in my school, more than that he was in charge of discipline) . He really got angry on me and he started scaring me asking “Shall I tell this to your dad?”. I said “Please don’t, I will not do next time”.

That day was my first and last attempt of taking bits to Exams. I was really disturbed and I asked myself, Why did I do this? What made you to do this? I realized my mistake and forgave myself as my teacher forgave me.

Many times in our life we do things just because all others do it, without asking why and what. Also we do things just to don’t give up our “self” easily. Just to show up our “self”, we make our minds blind and doing things which is not necessary at all. Finally it brings shame and guilt feelings to us. I thank God that I learnt this lesson early in my life.

Friday, October 23, 2009

That is my destiny..

"I like her
She likes me too
But i wonder, who don't like us
We didn't meet yet"
Said a rose bud when i was on the way crossing my garden
to meet my sweet heart to propose my love..

I asked,
Heh you are beautiful among all others here
And why do you want to lose your life just to meet her??

"I don't want to be here
Among these, full of fear
In pain with these thorns
No more happiness in this lawn

I want to be there
In her soft silky hair
With short life of mine
I surely make her thine..

That is my destiny" it replied..

I said Ok to fulfill its wish and i cut it from the plant..
I presented it to my sweet heart and I said "I love you"..
She was speechless with joy..
We spent a day forgetting ourselves
and finally we thought to wind up,

"Don't you think God has created this little bud specially for me?"
she said and ran away in shy saying "I love u too"..

The bud skied out of her hair
and fell down on my laps saying "I have done it"
and left its last breath..
(If there is eternal life to flowers, I bet it reached...)

I didn't know what to do with the bud then?
(After all It lost its life for me)

How do i show my gratitude to it?
(I thought and Tears came out of my eyes)

After thinking for a while,
I went back home and
I buried it in my diary..

Today is its death anniversary..
Staring at it "This is what i can do for you" I said and Kissed it..

This was my thought when i saw the beautiful rose in my garden, and so i scribble here....

Friday, October 9, 2009

She is still in my mind...

After my long leave I joined my office on 1st October. My friends surprised me by taking me to see her (Mahabaleshwar). As per their plan we started from Mumbai on 1st October at 11pm. We traveled all the night and reached early in the morning. After refreshing ourselves in the room we booked, we went out to see her.

The sun rose slowly spreading its rays like a flower opening its petals. All were excited to see her. She was wet because we saw her just after her shower (after the rain), water drops (dews) were still there in her body and she was hot (actually it was cold there). Our eyes were filled with joy. In the morning sunlight, her cheeks were shining and it was golden yellowish (yellow flowers scattered all around). We felt like kissing her dimple cheeks.

Her straight beautiful long hair (water falls and river) falls straight and flows smoothly on her body. Her silence gave us peace and was refreshing our mind. It was our pleasure to meet her.

She was wearing pure white clothes (Mist). With her wet body, the white clothes were put on her to make her look like an angel. In the small pleasant breeze, when her white cloth touched me, I was moved and totally lost (Even I lost my purse over there). Yes, she was romantic.

She was letting herself to us to admire as much as possible. Two days were not enough for us. We came back to Mumbai on 3rd October at 10 pm. But she is still in my mind, unforgettable. I suggest you all to visit the place once.

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