Friday, October 23, 2009

That is my destiny..

"I like her
She likes me too
But i wonder, who don't like us
We didn't meet yet"
Said a rose bud when i was on the way crossing my garden
to meet my sweet heart to propose my love..

I asked,
Heh you are beautiful among all others here
And why do you want to lose your life just to meet her??

"I don't want to be here
Among these, full of fear
In pain with these thorns
No more happiness in this lawn

I want to be there
In her soft silky hair
With short life of mine
I surely make her thine..

That is my destiny" it replied..

I said Ok to fulfill its wish and i cut it from the plant..
I presented it to my sweet heart and I said "I love you"..
She was speechless with joy..
We spent a day forgetting ourselves
and finally we thought to wind up,

"Don't you think God has created this little bud specially for me?"
she said and ran away in shy saying "I love u too"..

The bud skied out of her hair
and fell down on my laps saying "I have done it"
and left its last breath..
(If there is eternal life to flowers, I bet it reached...)

I didn't know what to do with the bud then?
(After all It lost its life for me)

How do i show my gratitude to it?
(I thought and Tears came out of my eyes)

After thinking for a while,
I went back home and
I buried it in my diary..

Today is its death anniversary..
Staring at it "This is what i can do for you" I said and Kissed it..

This was my thought when i saw the beautiful rose in my garden, and so i scribble here....


  1. Nice one !! Actually destiny is the most beautiful truth of life

  2. Damn cool, bud! Kavithai Kavithai!


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