Friday, October 9, 2009

She is still in my mind...

After my long leave I joined my office on 1st October. My friends surprised me by taking me to see her (Mahabaleshwar). As per their plan we started from Mumbai on 1st October at 11pm. We traveled all the night and reached early in the morning. After refreshing ourselves in the room we booked, we went out to see her.

The sun rose slowly spreading its rays like a flower opening its petals. All were excited to see her. She was wet because we saw her just after her shower (after the rain), water drops (dews) were still there in her body and she was hot (actually it was cold there). Our eyes were filled with joy. In the morning sunlight, her cheeks were shining and it was golden yellowish (yellow flowers scattered all around). We felt like kissing her dimple cheeks.

Her straight beautiful long hair (water falls and river) falls straight and flows smoothly on her body. Her silence gave us peace and was refreshing our mind. It was our pleasure to meet her.

She was wearing pure white clothes (Mist). With her wet body, the white clothes were put on her to make her look like an angel. In the small pleasant breeze, when her white cloth touched me, I was moved and totally lost (Even I lost my purse over there). Yes, she was romantic.

She was letting herself to us to admire as much as possible. Two days were not enough for us. We came back to Mumbai on 3rd October at 10 pm. But she is still in my mind, unforgettable. I suggest you all to visit the place once.


  1. Good , nice comparison. Thank God you came back just leaving purse over there , she seems really captivating ; )

  2. Hmmmmm.... I have seen her ... not once, but twice...but Have I?
    After reading your short and sweet 'description', I feel as if I haven't. - I guess true beauty deserves more than a second look :)

    nice dude !!!

  3. So far I was beleiving that Old Queen whom we always admired was the only beauty... very jealous to get to know who got an opportunity to meet another beauty... Lucky you!

    This reminds me, of our yearly get-together...lets plan man, get everyone over phone..........pull your socks, Shantoor


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