Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who Am I?

When you smile, I smile
When you cry, I cry
But I am not your Friend...

When you love, I don’t love
When you care, I don’t care
But I am not your enemy...

There is no day, you missed me
There is no day, you didn’t see me
But I am not your sweet heart...

You are the most beautiful creation in my world
Your are always right in my world
But I am not your mom...

I make you feel confident
I make you feel smart
But I am not your dad...

There may be no one for you
But I will be always with you
Guess who am I?
I am The Mirror...

When I was alone at home starring at the mirror, these were the lines come across my mind and I started scribbling…

These above lines may look silly or childish, but it makes me to think that, a small non-living thing reflects so many things to us when we face it. Being a Dominant living thing in this world,
What do I reflect to others?
How do I reflect others? and
Who am I?


  1. wot an idea sirji.

    Keep writing.


  2. who am i ?? is a very difficult question but yaa mirror can atleast give you the answer to the question , what am i ?? And according to me each human being reflect something or the other to outside world, but ulike mirror we have the control to what to reflect and what not to reflect .. What say !!!

  3. yes Smriti.. u r right..
    Thank u..


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