Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do you cook?

I was interacting with one of my friends.  As usual about general stuff(doing timepass :-P), in some context, she asked me, ‘Do you cook?’. I said ‘I wish to’ then I asked her the same. She replied ‘ Its just a waste of time, Instead I would take rest and be happy in that time’ .  Some how I was really disturbed with that answer(May be because I come from village :-P). I don’t know how many of them are with the same thought, but it kindled me to scribble something..
             I was thinking that(because I was vella :-P), what makes them to think this way, Is that people are really tired about their work and they want to take rest? Or they don’t realize the joy of cooking food?
             I think, when we talk about food it doesn’t mean its only about food.  Food speaks about people, region, language, religion, culture, tradition and character.  Aren’t we realize, nothing can compensate the food at home.  Its just because of the way it is cooked. (So what are you coming to say?  :O
            When a mom feeds her child, she doesn’t prepare just food, she prepares it with unconditional and incomparable love, a story, a song (lullabee) and she feeds all into us.  Food conveys love, builds relation, brings health and brings happiness.  And what we are all now are - cooked at home.
                Oh there are lot of things flows on my mind.. Ok..  It looks like a big gyan.. Enough for now.. So do u cook?  ;-)

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