Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pick up your word today..

The Power of Word’ (My last post) reminds me my elective classes in my college days. I feel happy and proud to say that I was a student of Prof. Alwin Roger (sorry, Prof. Success - that is how he likes to be called and that is how his nameplate in the staffroom is) who inspired me through his wonderful sessions.

Usually, the students feel easy to clear English courses provided by the English department, and all would prefer the same as elective. The English department allocates more students from history and economics department to the elective classes offered, since those students feel difficult to take other courses from other departments.  Very few from other departments are allocated to this English Course. I was from Mathematics department and got a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the English Course.  The course provided in English department was handled by Prof. Success.

The students generally don’t give much importance to the elective classes, so most of them used to bunk the classes. This happens with all the departments. Exceptionally only Prof. Success classes were always packed. That’s the kind of interest he brought in all the students to listen him. He influenced everyone with his inspirational talks. He is a psychologist too.

He tells us, ‘The words we use to communicate are very important’ and he never uses a negative word in any of his speech or conversations. That impressed me a lot. Generally while taking attendance in the class, other professors used to call the roll numbers of the student and we say ‘Yes sir/Present sir’. He is different from others, He used to call the students as ‘The winner of Rs.101(Roll number) Crores ’ and we reply him as ‘Success’. And if the student is absent then we should tell ‘Enjoy’, since he would be enjoying his leave somewhere.

He says, ‘The word has power, with the word we can do magic. Choose a positive word for you and keep telling it often. That gives you energy. That gives you hope. That gives you courage and confidence. That makes you feel happy. That brings you positive thoughts. That makes you achieve your goal. That makes you dream high. The energy it produced will reflect in you and you will reflect to others, such that you can impress and inspire others’. He proved himself by inspiring all our students and we are reflecting him today. 

This is how he slowly taught us about positive thinking and the importance of the words. He brought changes in many life’s and continuing the same now. On behalf of all his students, I would like to thank and dedicate this post to him. I also wish him all success in all his journeys.

God is Success.   

Sunday, October 9, 2011


What is the pampering word you often heard from your mom? What is the word which your dad used to strengthen you? What is the word your sisters/brothers used to tease you? What is the word your teacher used to remark you? What is the word, the grandpa next door used to scold you? What is the word you inspired from your friend? What is the word you heard first from your love?  What is the word your child first pronounced?

There are many such questions to ask. And we all have the answers too. Knowingly or unknowingly the word which we hear/use influences us. The word reminds us some people, some moments, some days, some period and vice verse. We all are emotionally attached with all the words which we use to communicate. Though a man and a woman understand their love for each other, it brings happiness to them only when it is proposed (said through some words). Though two men understand their disliking on each others, their relation gets broken only when the words spill out from their mouth. And those are the word’s which will carry their life ahead, generations after generations.

The word we use tells everyone, who we are. We are the product of the words we listen and speak. It is as important as the blood to our body. According to bible, God created everything with his words. Man didn’t create the word but with the ‘Word’ which became a man.  The first verse from John in the bible says ‘In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God’. 

A word can make anyone happy, angry, joy, worry, regret, tempt, motivate, discourage, irk, excite, weep, impress, inspire, dream and live. That is the magic of the word. Please remember that our words can do all these magic to us and to others.

Now let us ask a question ourselves, what are the words we use to tell others in the above mentioned questions? Let us be conscious about it, if it hurts others. We can create our own world with these magic words. What is your magic Word? 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Be Happy Always..

Whatever Life gives you,
Flowers or Floods,
Trumpets or Thunders,
Bread or Beef,
Be Thankful to it always….

Wherever Life takes you,
East or West,
Moon or Earth,
Palace or Barn,
Be Adaptable to it always….

However Life carries you,
Joy or Sorrow,
Exciting or Irritating,
Praising or Insulting,
Be Patient to it always….

Whoever Life brings you,
Rich or Poor,
Fair or Dark,
Kin or King,
Be Lovable to them always….

Whenever Life leaves you,
Day or Night,
Sunny or Rainy,
Spring or winter,
Be Inspirable to the world always....

Whenever , Whatever, Wherever, However and Whoever you are..
Be Happy Always…

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long weekend with a book..

A long weekend and it was really boring after celebrating the victory of the great World Cup.  One good thing I felt I did was, I completed reading a book ‘Eleven Minutes’ by Paulo Coelho. The book is about a young girl called Maria who chases her dreams and ends up working as a prostitute.  Though the story is about a prostitute, it doesn’t highlight only about sex, there were also many other common things where any person would experience were written in the book. Here are some quotes I liked and picked up to share with you,

 ‘Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever, finally comes to realize that nothing really belongs to them’

‘Dreaming is very pleasant as long as you are not forced to put your dreams into practice’

‘The opportunities are made to be seized’

‘One never knows what life may have in store for us, and it’s always good to know where the emergency exit is’

‘Human beings can withstand a week without water, two weeks without food, many years of homelessness, but not loneliness’

‘I see that those who touched my heart failed to arouse my body, and that those who aroused my body failed to touch my heart.’

‘The true experience of freedom: having the most important thing in the world without owning it’

‘After all, being young inevitably means making mistakes’

‘Love is not to be found in someone else, but in ourselves; we simply awaken it. But in order to do that, we need the other person. The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with’

‘Desire was the source of everything’

‘Desire is an emotion chosen by my soul and it is so intense that it can infect everything and everyone around me’

‘If you want to achieve your goal/objectives, you have to be prepared for a daily dose of pain or discomfort’

‘Whenever a teacher helps someone to discover something, the teacher always learns something new too’

‘Pain and suffering are used to justify the one thing that should bring only joy, love.’

‘Love one another but let’s not try to possess one another’

‘It is odd how, when you live in a city, you always postpone getting to know it and usually end up never knowing it at all’

Hope u too like it, have a good time..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Good or Bad, it starts from one mind'

‘Good or Bad, it starts from one mind’ - my teacher said this in our school function. It is true, any idea which ends good or bad, even if it is a team work, the idea is from one beautiful mind. I am experiencing such a beautiful thing now…

We had an intra-department football tournament in our organization.  That day was really awesome and memorable for those who had participated. Our department won the trophy and we had a blast that day.  After all our celebrations, my bro Nikhil said me, ‘Why can’t we form a team for our organization picking up all good players from different department and play tournaments outside?’. That was the beautiful idea from a beautiful mind.

We had a short meeting with all our guys to form a team for our organization.  Then we come to know that they had a team earlier and now they don’t.  They were practicing earlier and now they don’t.  So this idea will be a re-union for the team but with some new players. With the same team spirit, all our guys have accepted to form a team.  With the co-operation of all our guys we are practicing for the past two months.

Today we got a chance to play a tournament. We were all motivated and were confident of bringing back the trophy. So we started early in the morning and reached the spot at 9am. As per the match fixtures, our matches were in the afternoon. The organizers have organized some team building activities in the morning for those who don’t have matches in the morning, so we had a nice time over there.

Then our matches started post lunch. The weather was very hot. We all were warmed up and were ready to play.  Our first match was really good and we won that by 2-0. Very next match is again ours, and we lost that.  One thing is true, we were playing with those guys, who plays football daily but we were equally strong. Though we had lost the match, I somehow feel this is a good start for us.

Thanks to that beautiful mind (Nikhil) – I dedicate this post to Nikhi. But without the co-operation of the team it wouldn’t happen.  Arun, Ali, Sabya, Harshdeep, Rahul, Sanky and Pradeep are all in our team. They come to practice regularly and also they have interest in doing this.  Special thanks to Arun Nair, without whom we couldn’t go to the tournament.

We all would have felt good if we would have brought the trophy, but it’s ok. We hope that we had a good start.  I believe that we will surely go a long way. Here is our team,

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