Sunday, October 9, 2011


What is the pampering word you often heard from your mom? What is the word which your dad used to strengthen you? What is the word your sisters/brothers used to tease you? What is the word your teacher used to remark you? What is the word, the grandpa next door used to scold you? What is the word you inspired from your friend? What is the word you heard first from your love?  What is the word your child first pronounced?

There are many such questions to ask. And we all have the answers too. Knowingly or unknowingly the word which we hear/use influences us. The word reminds us some people, some moments, some days, some period and vice verse. We all are emotionally attached with all the words which we use to communicate. Though a man and a woman understand their love for each other, it brings happiness to them only when it is proposed (said through some words). Though two men understand their disliking on each others, their relation gets broken only when the words spill out from their mouth. And those are the word’s which will carry their life ahead, generations after generations.

The word we use tells everyone, who we are. We are the product of the words we listen and speak. It is as important as the blood to our body. According to bible, God created everything with his words. Man didn’t create the word but with the ‘Word’ which became a man.  The first verse from John in the bible says ‘In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God’. 

A word can make anyone happy, angry, joy, worry, regret, tempt, motivate, discourage, irk, excite, weep, impress, inspire, dream and live. That is the magic of the word. Please remember that our words can do all these magic to us and to others.

Now let us ask a question ourselves, what are the words we use to tell others in the above mentioned questions? Let us be conscious about it, if it hurts others. We can create our own world with these magic words. What is your magic Word? 


  1. True words. Words are the medium to express our emotions. Without words, emotions are incomplete.

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