Saturday, August 27, 2011

Be Happy Always..

Whatever Life gives you,
Flowers or Floods,
Trumpets or Thunders,
Bread or Beef,
Be Thankful to it always….

Wherever Life takes you,
East or West,
Moon or Earth,
Palace or Barn,
Be Adaptable to it always….

However Life carries you,
Joy or Sorrow,
Exciting or Irritating,
Praising or Insulting,
Be Patient to it always….

Whoever Life brings you,
Rich or Poor,
Fair or Dark,
Kin or King,
Be Lovable to them always….

Whenever Life leaves you,
Day or Night,
Sunny or Rainy,
Spring or winter,
Be Inspirable to the world always....

Whenever , Whatever, Wherever, However and Whoever you are..
Be Happy Always…


  1. yup !! Be happy and welcome life with both hands open :-) , truly said :-)

  2. Dont Worry.........Be Happpppy.......
    Very nice Nevin. Keep rocking...

  3. lovely lines...nicely crafted words!


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