Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Good or Bad, it starts from one mind'

‘Good or Bad, it starts from one mind’ - my teacher said this in our school function. It is true, any idea which ends good or bad, even if it is a team work, the idea is from one beautiful mind. I am experiencing such a beautiful thing now…

We had an intra-department football tournament in our organization.  That day was really awesome and memorable for those who had participated. Our department won the trophy and we had a blast that day.  After all our celebrations, my bro Nikhil said me, ‘Why can’t we form a team for our organization picking up all good players from different department and play tournaments outside?’. That was the beautiful idea from a beautiful mind.

We had a short meeting with all our guys to form a team for our organization.  Then we come to know that they had a team earlier and now they don’t.  They were practicing earlier and now they don’t.  So this idea will be a re-union for the team but with some new players. With the same team spirit, all our guys have accepted to form a team.  With the co-operation of all our guys we are practicing for the past two months.

Today we got a chance to play a tournament. We were all motivated and were confident of bringing back the trophy. So we started early in the morning and reached the spot at 9am. As per the match fixtures, our matches were in the afternoon. The organizers have organized some team building activities in the morning for those who don’t have matches in the morning, so we had a nice time over there.

Then our matches started post lunch. The weather was very hot. We all were warmed up and were ready to play.  Our first match was really good and we won that by 2-0. Very next match is again ours, and we lost that.  One thing is true, we were playing with those guys, who plays football daily but we were equally strong. Though we had lost the match, I somehow feel this is a good start for us.

Thanks to that beautiful mind (Nikhil) – I dedicate this post to Nikhi. But without the co-operation of the team it wouldn’t happen.  Arun, Ali, Sabya, Harshdeep, Rahul, Sanky and Pradeep are all in our team. They come to practice regularly and also they have interest in doing this.  Special thanks to Arun Nair, without whom we couldn’t go to the tournament.

We all would have felt good if we would have brought the trophy, but it’s ok. We hope that we had a good start.  I believe that we will surely go a long way. Here is our team,


  1. good start of the Team, and keep going. Best of Luck.

  2. @Chandrika: Thank u very much..

    @Wils: Thank u wils..

  3. An idea can change your life ;-) , nice post :-D


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