Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God Is On Demand...

We all know that God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. He is available to us anywhere, any time and to anyone. He does not discriminate anyone of us. But it is really shocking to see and hear that, to worship him we need to pay money or to travel to some other place where he is well known or to give priority to people who stand in queue according to their caste and status. We spend so much of money just to find him or worship him but finally we are not satisfied. Do you think he really expects all these?
We ourselves are temple’s, where God lives in us. If we find him in us then we will find him in others. We don’t have time to wish our neighbors whom we know but we stand in big queue to worship God whom we never seen and still in search of him. I don’t discourage the people who go to temple/church/mosque. In a way it is happy to see that so many people still remember him and worship him. But to those who spend so much of money in finding him or thinking that all the problems will be over if they do it.
Instead of doing all these, we can help the one who need some help. We can help our neighbors who will find God in us after we do it. It is always not necessary to help others only by giving money. There are so many other things which we can do without that, such as teaching poor students whom we find around our place, meet old people at old age homes and spend some time in orphanages. I know that we don’t have time to do these things.
But we can wish our neighbors and to the one we meet, we can give a smile to them, meet and say ‘Hi’ to all our colleagues at least once in a day, appreciating our subordinates, giving our hands when they need it and many such small things. "Don’t look for big things, just do small things with great love… The smaller the thing, the greater must be our love” said Mother Teresa.
These small things we do, will do miracles in others life. They will find God in us as we find in them. After all, God helps only through you and me. All the religion says ‘Love your neighbors as you love yourself’. Today is the day to ask this question ourselves, Is it not possible to do? Are we not ready to do this? Are we waiting for a good day to start? The day we think to start is really a good day and God is no more on Demand.

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