Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's My Farewell Day..

I was on my way
She was on her way
We both had met
Its our fate had set

Slowly, day by day
She came into my way
With hearts full of love
Like a white beauty dove

All around the sky
I said, 'We both will fly'
And her face full of shy
Like a cute sweetie pie

We both had a wish
To give a kiss
With heart full of bliss
And we don't want to miss

She made me strong,
She made me long
To be with her
For ever and ever..

But it Never last long
Not even a song
I didn't expect
It ends perfect

All went vain
With no more lane
In our own pain
We make all others fine

Its a beautiful rainy day
For u
Its a farewell day
For me..

Said the cloud
crying loud
Leaving the rain drop
From the top

Standing near the window, admiring the rain I scribbled the above lines....


  1. Dude,
    I like it.It z good thinking.
    I need this Farewell Day often.
    It is happening to different lovers in different time but not in right time(Indian farmers...!).
    Nice..Keep posting.

  2. Beautiful post dude !!!
    A nice description of 'a farewell day'. Life brings us a lot of such 'farewells' -We need to deal with them in such a way that later on we look back and say 'those were good times' .... but our energies and actions should be focussed on the future and not on looking back.

    best regards,

  3. Thank u..
    Will keep scribbling..


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