Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautiful Full Moon Day...

It was a beautiful full moon day, I was lying down on the terrace starring at the moon and my mind started to scribble....

Moon is bright in the sky,
Behind the clouds with shy...
Daily i see when i lie,
If i don't, then i cry...

Moon is white in the sky,
Like a kite it flies high..
'It is not possible to catch it' I sigh,
Then i think again and say 'Why cant i try?'...

Moon gives light from the sky,
With it's eyes wide open like a spy,
It keeps following me all the way,
In a bright sunny day it goes away...

Moon is dark in the sky,
And i started to cry,
Asking 'why don't u give ur ray'
And now that is all i pray..

And my mind went romantic....

Hi Whity(Moon),
When u arise..
Here arises many hearts,
Not to see your beautiful face,
But to see their sweethearts....

I am not an exception...

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