Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When to do what?

I would like to share a small thought which i have read it from a book, some days ago.

Do you think, people will appreciate/praise only a wise man and not a fool? We do appreciate fools. Here is an example for that. In olden days, there were many small kingdoms which were ruled by kings. We knew that, on those days the kings were all known for their generosity. A Tamil literature says that a king called Paari was the one who was most generous among all others. What he did?

After his visit to countryside, he was going back to his palace by a chariot. While going he saw a beautiful creeper spread over the path without any support to climb up. The king felt very kind to that creeper and he left the chariot over there to give the creeper a support to make it climb up and he walked to the palace.

Don't you think, this is height's of foolishness? He could have ordered his servants' to bring something to support the creeper. But he didn't. He was so kind to the creeper and because of that his mind was shut. He acted unwisely. It doesn't mean he was really a fool, a fool cannot rule a kingdom. The kindness he had on the creeper made him act unwisely.

And you know what? All the kings were generous only for the people who asked help from them. The king Paari was so kind to the creeper which didn't ask any help from him and he was generous enough to give his own chariot for it. That is why we are still speaking about him and appreciate him for his kind and generosity(what we may feel foolishness).

Yes there are times that we need to shut down certain things. To love, care and to be kind, you don't need to be intelligent or u don't need to think wisely. If you think wisely you will not love others, you will judge other. 'If you judge people, you have no time to love them.' says a famous quote of Mother Teresa.

Then why do we act unwisely? It is because, only in folly we get great happiness. Just think about a singer, who is he? he tells us something by raising his voice up and down like a fool which is not done by a normal person. But it sounds good and we all enjoy it. Who is a dancer? He moves his body, hands and legs as he wish like a fool which is not done by a normal person. But we clap hands for his performance and we enjoy it. We can see foolishness in all what we do with love and enjoyment.

There is a time to switch on the lights and there is a time to switch off the lights.
There is a time to act wise and there is a time to act unwise.

The thing is, we need to know when to do what.


  1. hmm , Agree to a great extent !! Yaa but it is really important to judge when to act wise and when to vice versa or else the things may become a great mess

  2. I get what you are saying and yes I agree with a lot of it.
    To me the key is moderation - So if you rely on your feelings it does not mean you should totally put aside rationale. Both go hand in hand!
    Moderation also come handy in a lot of other situations - like when trying to maintain a diet ;-) or when exercising. Keep writing dude.


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