Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The First Kiss...

Anything we do/get for the first time, will bring us excitement and fun into our life, sometimes to others too. First birthday, first day to school, first friend, first love, first girl friend, first date and many such things. Here i want to share such beautiful experience.

Its the first kiss. She was very cute and beautiful. Anyone who come across her could not stop admiring her.        
            She felt shy and her face turned red.
           Her smile was so welcoming.

Yes these were the first few kisses given by my camera to her.

I am interested in photography, so i bought a new camera two weeks back. Since it was the first time for me to hold my camera and to click these pics, i felt very happy and excited. It was a beautiful experience and just felt like sharing this...


  1. Hmmmmm... a lot of firsts... definitely the first SLR is an exciting experience :)

  2. yaa very nice pics indeed you took from your camera


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