Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't Prejudice

Yesterday, we went to play cricket match. That was the third match for us in that tournament (Didn’t matter we lose or win, because we had already lost the first two). Before the match had started, there was a photo session for both the teams, ours and opponents. I saw the playing eleven of their team and felt little happy, I said that we are going to win this match (At least that would have consoled our last two loss).

Until I saw their team, I didn’t have any idea about the match. The moment I saw them I thought we will win. The reason is, in the playing eleven of their team, 2 were above 50 yrs old, 3 were above 40, 3 were below 30 and others are above 30. In our team all were youngsters, and their age is below 30.

Since our captain won the toss, we opted to bat first. Before our batsman’s get inside the pitch, the fielding was set. There were 4 slips and others were inside the circle. Watching their field, settings people in our team started laughing at them. The match started and the bowlers were old people. They bowled brilliantly and fiercely, and took the wickets one by one. After seeing their bowling none of our batsman were willing to get down into the pitch voluntarily. They bowled excellently and they knocked out us in 62 runs in 15 overs.

We totally got disappointed and then we made our mind to play with hope. We started bowling, they slowly started sending the ball to the boundaries through the ground and later through air. The match ended up in 4.4 overs.

It was like a big slap to me. I asked myself that, ‘how dare you could judge people before they show who they are?’. It was a good lesson to me. Then I thought I won something today and left from the ground happily. 

On the whole, we enjoyed the match with all these fun and had a nice dinner too (Chicken Biriyani).  



  1. Hello Darril,

    The most important thing is that you played,enjoyed,had fun with your friends and had good food with excellent company.Surely, this is a day to remember and cherish.

    Best wishes to you,

  2. Nice lesson from the cricket match.
    Well said. Keep Blogging

  3. we always learn something from our failures in life...Failure is actually a map indicating the direction towards success!!

  4. @Wils: Thank you boss..

    @Sana: That's absolutely true.. thank u very much..


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