Thursday, March 8, 2012

My 25th Scribbling..

         There is something special about this post, Its my 25th post.  Though it took me long time to achieve this small height, I am happy for this. Long back Shomoita tagged my blog in hers and asked this question, ‘What made you to write/start the blog?’. I take this opportunity to just let you all know the reason of my scribbling.
        During college days, I spent most of the time outside the classroom for different reasons. So when I was in classroom, I felt very difficult to concentrate the lectures.  I started scribbling in my notebook when lectures are on.  It may be a pencil drawing or a poem or something which strikes my mind or whatever. The same became my habit. (But one good thing is, I don’t scribble at desks or in others notebook :P)
         Then the same continued in working place. Few of them noticed it and appreciated for the same. Few said, its rubbish.  But that doesn’t make any difference for me. One thing I thought was, there are people who like what I scribble. I really don’t know whether they all are of my sort.  I then decided to start the blog of mine. Atleast that will have all my posts I write, and I would enjoy reading in future to see myself and my past. 
        I chose ‘Scribblings’ as the name of my blog and there is a reason behind this.  We all see the kids scribble something at the walls, tables and papers at our home. We may know what they scribble or we may not know what it is, but for the kid, those are all its creations, thoughts, experiences, expressions and the feelings. The kid doesn’t worry about what others think about it, but it just scribbles what it likes.  I am a kid here and I scribble what I like.
         The reason and the purpose may not be great to start this blog but the benefits are really great. Through this blog, I made lot of friends, I met people, I read them and I reflect few of them in me. On the whole I enjoy this experience and I will keep continuing it. I would like to thank Smriti Garg, who insisted me a lot to start this blog. I think I couldn’t have created this without her encouragement. I would also like to thank all of you for your support and appreciation.

Oh its a women's day today.. Happy Women's Day...

My Scribbling continues.. 


  1. hey that is absolutely alright :-P , and people with great thoughts must blog , you never know where who gets touched by what you say :-) :-) . Keep blogging , I really like your posts

  2. Hey! Thanks for finally writing this post. It's awesome when habit becomes passion. And yes, it's a great way to keep a track of your past and see how your life evolved. Keep writing. :)

  3. @Smriti: Thank you very much.. Yeah will keep scribbling :-P

    @Shomoita: Thank you.. Yup.. When i read my own blog now.. a smile is in my face.. It takes me to the past.. Loved it..

  4. U Dude U Dude

    U r the inspiration

    U r the motivation

    UR enthusiasm

    UR encouragement

    U started the Blog
    I started the Blog

    U inspired me

    I inspired many

    4 ur Scribbling

    I salute U

    I congrats U

    Keep scribbling

    Keep Inspiring

    ( Rap It with the Beat )

  5. Wow Wils nice to hear from you.. Thanks a lot.. Nice rap.. Something new and different complement..


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