Sunday, November 25, 2012

Celebrate Your Life

Do not see only the beautiful ones..
Do see everyone and find what is beautiful in them..

Do not impress others, with the masks on your face..
Do impress them, with the tasks you face..

Do not ask, ‘What do others have for me?’
Do ask, ‘What do I have for others?’

Do not share others stories, to make enemies..
Do share your stories, to make friends..

Do not thank others, for what they have done to you..
Do thank them, for why they have done to you..

Do not advise others, it is good for you..
Do advise yourself, it is good for others..

Do not act differently, you may copy or imitate someone..
Do act as you are, you are already unique and different..

Do not love the one, who loves you..
Do love everyone, for we all are equal in front of the God..

Do not live, complaining all your life..
Do live, celebrating all your life..

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