Saturday, June 12, 2010

He is my Hero...

'Have proper food, On time'
'Don't worry, we'll do it'
'Things happens the way you think'
'Wish People you meet'
'Respect Others'
These were few words my dad used to tell me...
But I didn't bother much when he said these words...

But Later,
I paid a Doctor to hear - 'Have proper food, On time'.
I searched for a friend to hear - 'Don't worry, we'll do it'.
I shamelessly took notes in Personal Development Programs
which says 'Things happens the way you think'.
I got beatings from my Teacher to hear - 'Wish People you meet'.
I went to church to hear - 'Respect Others'.

Then I realized, My father is
A good Teacher,
A good Doctor,
A good Motivator,
A good Priest,
A good Friend,
And what else..
He means a lot to me
And now he is my Hero...


  1. Thats such a lovely post Darril..its true that what our elders teach us is the best way to live life...they are the best teachers indeed!!!

  2. Nice post , And yaa i totally agree to the fact that most of the things which our parents tell us so casually , we like to pay to listen those things more formally, its general human nature cant help it

  3. Well said Mevin.It always true what my parents telling.Keep writing

  4. Hashmi,Smriti and Wils Thank u very much... Ur comments encourages me to scribble more..


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