Friday, April 30, 2010

First Sight...

That was the first time
I met her..

Looking at her, my eyes asked..
Why can't I have this sight always..

Looking at her lips, I thought..
Why can't I have this smile always..

Looking at her hands, I felt..
Why can't these hands hug me always..

Looking at her legs, I dreamt..
Why can't she walk into my life forever..

At the first sight with all these in mind,
How can I stop proposing her???

I went close to her and said 'I Love u'..
As usual, A bigggggggg slap...
But with an unusual reply,
'Why were u so late idiot'...


  1. Ha ha! thats a very cute thought..btw is this taken from real life :)

  2. Nicely Scribbled!!!
    All of your blogs were good...
    Keep writing...


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