Saturday, April 17, 2010

It was in 1993, I was doing my third standard...

         It was in 1993, I was doing my third standard then. In the beautiful valley of blue mountains (My native place), one of the schools there was used to screen a movie once in a year for their students. Others also can go to watch the movie with Rs.1 ticket. So my cousin and I were planning to the movie. Next thing is to get Rs.2 for us and another Rs.2 for sweets (Specially Chikki) which they sell in the stall.
        I went to my dad and asked Rs.2 requesting that we want to go to movie. I could have asked another Rs.2 but I didn’t, because my dad was very strict (what I felt then). I was scared to ask it. So What’s Next? How to get the other Rs.2? We both planned and went to my grandmother.
       Granny, we want to go to watch the movie, please give us Rs.2? we asked. 'Go and ask your father’ she replied. ‘We asked him but he didn’t give’ we said (Lied). She felt pity on us and gave us Rs.2. Wow!! Great Achievement, we thought (we were clever) and went to the movie.
        My granny was angry (Because of her love on us) and she went to my dad. ‘Only once in a year they screen a movie, why can’t u give Rs.2 for them?’ she shouted at him (with rights because she is his mom). ‘I gave them’ replied my dad with confusion. ‘Then why did they come to me and ask Rs.2?’ she asked him (She did her best part). My Dad’s BP raised and was waiting for us?
        We both enjoyed the movie, the sweets and we were coming back home (We didn’t know that big party was waiting for us). We entered the home, my dad asked us ‘How was the movie?’, ‘Its superb’ we said. ‘Why did you get Rs.2 from granny?’ he asked with his voice raised. ‘We didn’t’ we both replied him. That’s all, after two minutes, there were so many red coloured scribblings in our skins which we could understand very well then.

Moral of the story:
Please don’t ask anything from your granny, better ask your grandpa.

Then I realized that he didn’t hit me for Rs.2 but he did it because I lied. From that day I don't lie(U should believe this)..


  1. Oh, sure we beleive in you! I need to doublecheck with your dad on this :D

  2. You learnt your lesson :) All the experiences of our life contribute towards making us a better person, isnt it !

  3. I did the same thing many times. But luckily escaped. I love my granny very well. She is so kind that she gives money whenever i ask in my school time.Never told to my mother also.:-) Nice lesson indeed.

  4. ha ha ha even if you would have asked from your grandpa same thing would have happened . This is a part of everyone's life and I think every one had been punished for lieing in childhood ,nice i could remember my childhood with this story :-)

  5. Chakks.. Thank u..sure u can check..

    Sana.. Thank u very much.. yes our experiences are to make us better person...

    Wils.. Thank u very much.. Lucky are those who have lovable grand parents like us..

    Smriti.. Thanks a lot.. Oh.. u too told many lies???


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