Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful World.....

“What is blogging? Someone scribbles something, others read it, many like/unlike it, a few comment on it, a few follow them. What is this rubbish?” – I thought, before I started reading the blogs.
            Once I started reading blogs, I found that almost all of those who are blogging, share many things from their own life, their experience, their learning, happenings around them, their happiness, their worries, their wishes, their dishes, their creative thoughts, their views, their works, their health, their talents and the list is big. I have read some blogs where they have even shared about insults faced by them, but the way that they have written it, shows their positive attitude on that.  
            Then I realized that, in this busy world (Where people don’t know where were they, where they are and where will they be) blogging is a beautiful medium to communicate, update and share ourselves with others and others with us. This is another way to know - What are our friends/family doing? Where are they? What do they like? What are their views? What are their talents? And many..
            The comments from our friends/followers really make us feel good and it gives us the feel that they are in touch.
            Priya’s - Bindaas Baatein, Amit’s - Randomly Arbit Thoughts, Smriti’s - Dreams Have Wings, Subramanian Iyer’s - Iyer-n-Higher, Kavi’s Musings, Kevin’s – Just a Thought.. are the first few blogs  I followed. All of them and their blogs brought inspirations to me and I started blogging..
            Thanks to everyone and hope we all make new friends, keep in touch with them and extend this beautiful world in our busy world. 


  1. Nice dude. Similar feelings lead me to start posting. you wouldnt believe but a post like this current one of yours was what I was contemplating as my first post, but I guess that never happened.

  2. Very well said Derril!Its a beautiful world out here where thoughts take a new flight, mingling with many on their way :)
    Keep blogging and keep inspiring!!

  3. Yups , Correctly said , blog is the best medium to share your thoughts and receive comments , Cool Post !!

  4. Thank u Kevin, I could have enjoyed reading urs if u would have written this...

    Thank u Sana and Smriti.. ll keep blogging..


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